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  • 11 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 10:10

Organs Give Life to 3 People

Organs Give Life to 3 People
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Who died from a brain haemorrhage in Çanakkale 77-year-old Khaled Gudea's organs to give life to three people .

Çanakkale news: In Çanakkale of brain hemorrhage killed 77-year-old Khaled Gudea bodies of the three people will give life .
Five days ago after a stroke 77-year-old Khaled Güden , close by the Çanakkale State Hospital has been removed. Here undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit for 5 days Gudea brain death has occurred. Canakkale Organ Transplant Coordinator Dr. Azem Ulku , met with the families of Gudea . Relatives of Gudea decided to donate their organs . Then, Khaled Gudea of the two kidneys, the liver , were to be transferred to another patient .
Is no smoking and alcohol use , he looked very good also very healthy because of the bodies , saying that Gudea Dr. Azem Ulku , \"Age at things that only with the calendar does not say that . Sometimes the 25-30 year-old patients'organs to others wound that can not be bad , but can Halit Bey himself very well have looked . 77 years old, although the bodies really did well . Halit Bey, a kidney and liver Bursa Uludağ University Hospital, two patients in the other kidney is also a private Acibadem Hospital to a patient to be transferred. parents also congratulate . Larger sensitivity showed . Biz their brain-dead when it is what they want to do when we asked, they said,'What we need to do if you are ready'they said. 3 in this way, the patient will regain health , \"he said .

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