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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:57

Orientation Training Strategic Planning Council was held Mutso

Orientation Training Strategic Planning Council was held Mutso
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Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Mutso) 's 7 Ordinary Council Meeting was held at the Park Restaurant Sakartepe.

Muğla news: Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Mutso) 's 7 Ordinary Council Meeting was held at the Park Restaurant Sakartepe. Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey at the meeting of Economics and Technology University Continuing Education Research and Application Center (TOBB ETUS) E go Accreditation Specialist Professor AnlArIndAn. Dr.. Fuat by Onder, Mutso Assembly members were given orientation training for strategic planning.
at the meeting, Mutso Assembly President Shukri Altınay Mutso Chairman Bülent Blackbird, Mutso Council Vice President Mevlut Acar, Ahmet Zeybekler, Mustafa Castle, Mutso Vice Chairman Mustafa Ercan, Mehmet Dişcigil, Mutso Board members, council members and committee chairmen joined the profession.
Mutso since 2010 with management and staff work together with Prof. expressing what they do. Dr.. Fuat Leader,"Quality-Accreditation and Strategic Plan","Strategic Planning Process","Situation Analysis"and"Mission, Vision, Core Values"on topics such as operating.
Prof. Dr.. Fuat Leader,"Room Quality Management System of the representative appointment with 2010 ISO 9000 quality management system we've begun. Then TS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification from the date of service quality to improve system development will continue to. services to improve the quality only documentation set up is not enough. contrast other systems to add the required. TS EN ISO 9001:2008 on the personnel management system has been implemented. room accreditation rooms services performed by regarding minimum Terms of revealing the room by the annual performance of the self-assessment is undertaken, a three-year period conducted with external audit of the feedback received and improvements room with activities specified in the criteria of continuity is a system,"he said.
TOBB Chambers-exchange services in improving the quality with the aim of accreditation work initiated in 2002 that the Professor. Dr.. Leader,"in 2013 9 and 10 Group accreditation audits are performed. Mutso this year Group 10 courses accredited in the room took place. Total rooms/stock number 364 is and as of this year 131 rooms/stock market's accreditation will complement speaking, this is quite It is a good level but now rated as abc accreditation and accreditation with the current control room in the old/stock market are expected to raise the level."said.
also mentioned the importance of the strategic plan in his speech Professor. Dr.. Fuat Leader,"Management systems right we should build. All management systems together, by integrating the right management system able to be accessed. Strategic management path, the strategic plan goes through. Strategic planning, the room where the point and to reach the desired case where the path between would you describe . room's purpose, goals and achieve them will make it possible methods to determine is necessary. strategic planning, current and future location is described. strategic planning each year to be revised and should be updated. stakeholders in the strategic planning must take place. Stakeholders law from a necessity as of the concept of institutionalization is the first step,"he said.
The meeting also Mutso Chairman Bülent Blackbird, by the room's activities a presentation about the performing, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association's activities and his work regarding the participants in detail informed . Blackbird, the recent national and international developments, Turkey's economy impacts the information provided, transferring said:"Every month the council meeting our economic situation are evaluated. Past month since the huge changes but not especially in our region of Iran's nuclear facilities in the world to control opening in the markets brought vitality. But in recent days on the world agenda in Europe and America in a recession is expected. these countries interest rates to zero, reduce their economies are trying to revive. Bank of America 3 months ago bond purchases postponed. entire world very impressed by this decision was postponed, but it's a very long-term will not be today, emerged in the case. February-March in probably still America by the Central Bank from the world of bond purchases to stop expected. This results in all of Europe, as in our country a serious reresyo's expectations for the economy a major recession forecast said. 2,014 the 2nd half of even after March this reresyo to the need to pay attention. Investment our accordingly by coordinating our surroundings in this regard and we will alert the subsequent difficult to compensate losses experienced not refuse. Economists When we listen this reresyo only in our country but in Europe and America expected to say. We Rooms also expressed our opinion on this issue as I think we have done our duty,"he said.

Orientation Training Strategic Planning Council was held Mutso" comments for.


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