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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:56

Ormansp different displacement career Winners

Ormansp different displacement career Winners
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Bilecik Ataturk played in the Indoor Sports Hall 4 weeks TB3L Ormansp competition in Muğla , Bilecik Belediyespor'u was defeated 89-65 .

Muğla news: Photo Match each polling numbers that starts with balanced as both teams found the opposite , Mugla Ormansp the first period finished ahead 21-16 . The second period in the game a little weight put Mugla Forest , Hussein Amir Nouri and Feyyaz Discussion Find where numbers were close to the first half 38-30 ahead. The play public a little more compact with fans edition in
third period Bilecik FC, he found Ozer Başsezgin the the difference between the three point shooting was hindered . In this period the three pointers that Başsezgin at Ozer , Ahmet Orkin Senel and responsive with Demetgül Muğla Forest , finished ahead score in the third period 57-48'lik . Cem Koçali found that after three-pointers in the final seconds of the third period was confused and in-field bleachers at a time . Mugla received last period starting with the offensive foul Forestry , Istanbul Belediyespor'la superiority of the players put the game well with the decrease in the game. Last period in Muğla Forest team three-pointers it finds the player Feyyaz Discussion and Cem Koçal'ın match with spectacular game won 89-65 .
End of the match made ​​a statement Muğla is Ormansp head coach Hamdi Zodiac Ürgen , \"party high throughout the match were we . Errors more we evaluated the best. I congratulate both teams and I wish you success in Bilecik Belediyespor'un the next day. My team is working well to come to a better place , \"he said .


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