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  • 22 Mart 2013, Cuma 08:52

Oscar Trends! Red Carpet's whispers to us?

Oscar Trends! Red Carpet's whispers to us?
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2013 Oscar ceremony that marked the year's fashion trends examined. Here are the Oscars of the trend!

is a cinema event beyond the Oscar podium, as well as an exhibition of the trends of the year from head to toe. Year's fashion trends from the red carpet together to review what do you think?




2 Short hair is a magical view of the lure!

Theron blended with a mixture of color in a very short blond hair darker bottoms. Theron completion of this wonderful selection of hair and part of his perfect mastery of facial features, hair color, even though the exact wishes. Theron hair, short hair is a little longer, but still with a lot of Anne Hathaway's front-side separated by long and short hair, of course, the appeal of the design and style of Halle Berry also got to give and never give up.

each of the three stops short hair so different from each other, in fact, wants a specialization in the proof of how short hair. Her more rebellious hair while adding an air of Berry, Hathaway's style cute and childish, Theron'unki portrayed in the attractiveness of a mature.


essential elegance of the knob!

4 Both

an Academy Award as well as to the hair every day!

5 Oscar




vaguely, but radiant makeup!

Yes, I have a lot to learn from the red carpet! This is a simple
do not necessarily need to be on the red carpet elegance to try, I am sure that you
preferences will want to move their night invitations.

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