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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 19:49

Osmancık Municipality Prepares for Big Projects

Osmancık Municipality Prepares for Big Projects
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Mayor Osmancık Hamza Karatas, at a press conference in his office of the county council's activities and evaluates the projects were important for the future .

Çorum news: Mayor Osmancık Hamza Karatas, at a press conference in his office of the county council's activities and evaluates the projects were important for the future .
Osmancık Mayor Hamza Karatas, at a press conference in the district representatives of the local newspapers and news agencies in the county met with reporters . The activities implemented and ongoing projects related to assessment found in Karatas, asphalt works, floods and measures for work , Osmancık Castle Restoration Project , Dereboğazı Pond Water Project and Urban Transformation Project related to such matters important explanations found .
SEL BASKIN the fundamental solution
Osmancık Mayor Hamza Karatas district that is effective in torrential downpours in the last year, the biggest amount of rainfall noting significant floods and experiencing said .
creek bed in the construction of the county threatening dimension noted that Karatas , flood infrastructure for the work they started , Forestry and water Affairs prepared by the project also is to be completed , he said.
floods and floods after stating that they made ​​changes to the Storm Water Drain Project Karatas ; \"Till My Tea On the outskirts riverbeds years ago zoning opened to construction was allowed . Around here the city into As the stream bed completely vanished . County About ethyl with torrential downpours due to the floods yaşanınca here we have been implementing the project again we have reviewed . Flood according to the status of a project've made a change . Corum Street, which was built in large apertures Senyurt Quarter flood water will drain . Likewise Danisment Gazi Street in the inundation of the river bed from the underground, taking the drain pipes and culverts evacuated from the will . however they to a certain extent mitigation measures is that they work , \"he said . < br/> pROJECT will be implemented zoning
for the protection of the town from floods prepared by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Works to the final stage of the project stating that the Karatas ; \"Flood their truly radical solutions will this project out of the city to open a large channel flood water evacuation aims . Till My Tea and Doğudere from the flood, to do with the channel Dereboğazı Tea over the Red River to be shipped . These projects also end has been reached. Coming months to tender targeted. Hopefully with this project , our district from floods forever will be saved , \"he said .
aSPHALT wORK from where it wILL CONTINUE
lack of resources because of the half remaining hot asphalt work on from where it left more record would Karatas, £ 1.5 million loan request for hot asphalt , said ; \"Hot asphalt work in the first place the whole project will cover the cost resource is not set , the amount of credit drawn and project it had begun . Osmancık Municipal infrastructure work because borrowing limit is exceeded for about a month loan demand our negative response we were getting . For this reason, last Thursday in Ankara increasingly Provincial Bank officials have held talks with . 1.5 Million have received approval for the loan and asphalt work will continue from where it left off . \"said.
Ankara within the program Culture and Tourism Ministry officials with talks President noted that the Karatas, Osmancık citadel restored them to tourism stated that .
Corum Cahit Bağcı project file along with Deputy Culture and Tourism Ministry Karatas stating that they offer ; \"Osmancık of Castle restoration project before bidding updates made ​​ready for bidding've made . Culture and Tourism Ministry also necessary supports to apply for have . Coming months, the project tender are aiming . Restoration project to the castle exit routes should be organized, castle disclosure , terraces are built and the historic city walls repaired contains . this project is complete our county the most important one of his works to tourism will be earned . \"he said .
President Karatas, Osmancık the most important problem of the drinking water is said. The tap water by the citizens as drinking water exhaustion attention Karatas, potable water project also has already started .
Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry conducted in conjunction with Derbeboğaz Drinking Water Reservoir Project at completion stage Noted that the Karatas, \"the project of drinking water pond along with treatment plants and water tanks will be built. projects last came to the stage.coming early in the year of the tender is completed and construction started we are aiming to . project is complete healthy drinking water to our homes will reach . Hopefully Osmancık drinking water will have , \"he said .
District in the center of a large area risk areas has been declared, reminding Karatas, Environment and Urban Planning from the urban renewal authority to receive said.
new zoning plan prepared after the urban Transformation-related project work will begin recording Karatas, the county's population and with a project that aims to increase the value added will be made a major transformation .

Osmancık Municipality Prepares for Big Projects" comments for.


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