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Ottoman crazy projects coming down off the shelf

Ottoman crazy projects coming down off the shelf
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Turkish Historical Society, dusty shelves of the Ottoman Empire download crazy light unto projects

the Turkish Historical Society, and the majority of the period of Sultan Abdul Hamid Istanbul, bringing together the two sides of the bridge, tube passage of the cable, as well as Miniatürk, Travel park-like city development projects, including up to 40 shed light on the dusty shelves of history of the project.

"Lost Projects of the Ottoman Empire as"a 13-part documentary implemented, reconstruction projects during the last period of the Ottoman Empire as well as archival photographs and images, documents, drawings, models and 3D animations will be supported.

Studies as a result of most of the period of Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan 2 stating that around 40 projects identified Hulagu, the more it even when the technique, technology, bridge, subway, Tube crossing importance is given to said.

Metro, tube passage, the third bridge projects such as the recently created controversy, but their expression is now being realized, Hulagu, the world's second metro 1860 Recalling that in line with the Karakoy-Galata, in the Ottoman Empire projected domestic and foreign engineers noted that several metro designs.

Hulagu, the Ottoman city facilitate access to development projects in the city, as well as the importance is given to proposals, noting among them in favor of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in the period ending Greek war could be planted after the memorial project, contemplating areas Minyatürk'ünü Münif Pasha, Travel Park, Ahmet Bey Rıfkı Panorama History Museum to sort.

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TCC belgeselleştireceği"of the Ottoman Empire Lost Projects"include:

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"Jisr Enbub-i-i-Tube to the portal, the Bosphorus plan was Köprüsüsü-F. Arnodin'in Jisr-i-Hamidi, and the Ring Road Project, Metro plan was-Gavand, Bagos Lord, Namik Paşazade Tahir Bey, Hollzman, Lacey Sillar'ın projects, Funicular The plan-Osman Hamdi Bey, Monsieur Kirbis, Iyad Abdullah Bin funicular and other bills the Golden Horn and Galata Bridge The plan-Da Vinci, Antoine Corentin, Moston, Pierre, 1902 French, D'Aranco, Antoine Bouvard proposals, the City Development Projects-Antoine Bouvard, Hippodrome, Beyazit, New Church The plan, Aurige'in Galata-Süleymani'ye Suspension Bridge, Gavand'ın New City Draft, D'Aronco's Industrial Exhibition Project and the Greek War Victory Monument Project, Münif Pasha Miniature Project, Star Attractions Parks and Other Areas of Great Projects Temaşa, Sameh Ahmed Bey Panorama History Museum Project Tahtaciyan'ın Galata Tower Project, Sarkis Balyan Islands Bridge Project, Jet-Don-Volga Canal, Suez, the Danube-Black Sea, Piyale Pasha-estuary, the Gulf-Sabanci-Black Sea-Black Sea Canal Project estuary, river and irrigation Jet-Konya, Red River, Gediz, Sakarya, the Euphrates-Tigris and Haremenyn Irrigation Canal Projects Projects (Sea Water Drinkable Water Reclamation Project), the Mediterranean-Dead Sea-Gulf of Aqaba Canal Railway Project Ship carriage-time."

Ottoman crazy projects coming down off the shelf" comments for.


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