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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 19:02

Output from Left 3 Kilos of Heroin

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Es of the gendarmes who Kesan, Edirne and bus station in the luggage of a passenger in the operation of 3 kilograms of heroin were seized.

And Edirne Kesan of the gendarmes Esenler bus station in the operation of a passenger in his suitcase 3 kilograms of heroin were seized.
According to information obtained, Van Başkale from the town of heroin would be brought intelligence field Edirne Province Gendarmerie and Kashan District Gendarmerie Command teams, organized the operation in Istanbul Esenler The 35-year-old got off the bus from the bus station caught the EC. EC's bag in search of the three kilograms of heroin were seized. Market value is about 100 thousand pounds of drugs as defined hand Awards, AK for questioning Kashan District Gendarmerie Commander was taken.
EC before Van Başkale county by bus from Istanbul Esenler Bus Station came by gendarmes captured and later that they carry four pieces with the table in suitcases 5 kilograms of heroin seized S. Ö. (40), L. A. (52) and Y.T. (50) was found to be associated with. S.Ö. transactions completed in the Gendarmerie, LA, YT and the EC, 'make drug trafficking' offense has been referred to court.
initiated the investigation into the incident continues.

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