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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:16

Over 40 years old was married to the Evil Eye Jewelry

Over 40 years old was married to the Evil Eye Jewelry
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Dare İiçe in Malatya Governorship of Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation projects within marriage practiced by families who came together over forty years .

Malatya news: Photo District Governor in his speech Benjamin Bird did \"Today the increase of divorce as our ethics follow our media , the violence against women has increased , we observe with regret that from time to time experienced the murder. Today we will talk about these bad things , for example by bringing together elders have put a head cushion to 40 years of marriage we wanted to make a run . we aim to tell our people that there are good examples of the society . the family foundation of the Turkish nation. was to be the basic family again in the pre-Islamic Turkish society. Unfortunately, lately in our country experienced negative as well as all over the world has weakened , though relatively well our family structure. But we see here that emerged marriages over 40 years, we have great , which is that I hope , will take new steps to marriage and would be an example of our great where our couples who are married . They live Hopefully a lifetime happily . the sine qua non in marriage is mutual love and respect , bad good day day, in the presence and absence , is to support each other in sickness and in health . I wish to be an example to all our people, including our double this if we were in , \"he said . Photo Dare Women's Association President Nuray Fire, \"the family institution for 40 years, we gathered to say hullo shoulders with those 41 times . We also Women Association'as slot female bird in Dare as it determines the future , we located the family of people in this organization will determine the future of a society , \"he said.
Director of Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation Ibrahim Alattin Fever , as we wanted, Foundation for Social Assistance and Solidarity in bring my marriage together in pairs over 40 years, and especially divorce to care Let's take that we have witnessed increased in recent years , \"he said
Governor Benjamin , while a pillow and rose gifts to the participants after the Birds program , joining the newly married a couple's wedding had presented their marriage certificate and marriage and wished to be happy times. Governor Ismail , who married 64 years to get a touch Hatice double whammy he wear evil eye .

Over 40 years old was married to the Evil Eye Jewelry" comments for.


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