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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:52

Overpass construction in Adilcevaz And Traffic Lights Work

Overpass construction in Adilcevaz And Traffic Lights Work
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Van by the Regional Directorate of Highways Coast Transition Project in the district of Bitlis Adilcevaz overpass and began the construction of traffic signalization.

Bitlis news: Highways Van by the Regional Directorate Coastal Transition Project Bitlis Adilcevaz district overpasses and traffic signal construction began.
Adilcevaz Mayor Adnan Göksoy counties a modern tourist town to convert Highways Van Regional Office along with a variety of services continue to said that. Göksoy,"this service at the beginning of Adilcevaz Shore Crossing Road Project are available. Scope of the project, our district on the coast of modern Moon-star motif of an overpass and traffic signalization systems are doing. Coastal Road Project construction started from the day the overpass will be held at each meeting we expressed our services, individuals and of society, not and interests of the people in line will use. Adilcevaz as mayor Adilcevaz coast of the region's most beautiful beach to make all efforts with our work continues. doing projects that we are clear, in a short period of Highways by the Directorate overpass and traffic signaling system, our people will serve. realization of these projects in the I'm the mayor and Adilcevaz period of 5 years from the people who lent support to the Regional Director of Highways and valuable citizens Ahmet Turan Gülhaş Highways Engineer Ziya Eken we thank you forever,"he said.

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