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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:45

Özakc said:\"We are like flesh and nail with Metropolitan Municipality \"

Özakc said:\
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Efeler the Mayor Mesut Özakc , said they continue to work in harmony with Aydın Municipality .

Aydın news: Photo Efeler Mesut Özakc the Mayor , met with members of the press . The tern of Deputy Mayor Meeting Unal, Genghis Sina, Osman Derya casually , unit managers , CHP Efeler district head Bayam Pearl and joined the press members in . The Mayor made ​​the opening speech of the Photo Meeting Özakc that , in the local elections on March 30, 2014 president of evaluating the last 7 months since the election , \"our people were now 7 months on this day after we took office with the countenance . to power at the local course, does not mean that everything every problem solved. Some of closing the district municipalities of our debt passed to the Efeler municipality . the day we came to office our service building can operate was no genius. as a municipality established from scratch , we are in our people serving the happiness by completing our organization in a short period of up to 7 months. \"Photo \" mUNICIPALITY wITH flesh and nail'm like \"< br/> Efeler Municipality of Aydın Municipality with flesh and nail as an integral whole that they and the public the services offered by Özakc stated that they allowed him to continue without interruption , \"the collapse of the income of the metropolitan law with district municipalities. 40 percent of the shares transferred to the municipalities from Iller Bank metropolitan municipalities are taking . Should be increased to the absolute income of the district municipality . For this, we need a new arrangement. We have to provide the best service to our citizens and our metropolitan municipalities headed by female craving , it is your task in this are like flesh and nail in every area, including cleaning services , the city did not say my job , we work together , \"he said . Questions from journalists after
President Özakc speech answering , they told Efe in tenure as Mayor of the services they perform . the souvenir photo taken with members of the press Özakc the end of the meeting , said the meeting would continue in this type of evaluation .


Özakc said:\"We are like flesh and nail with Metropolitan Municipality \"" comments for.


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