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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:26

Özdamar:\"Kızıldere Could a New Soma \"

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Buharkent Chamber of Agriculture President Naim S., Buharkenit Kızıldere evaluated due to increased geothermal fields in the neighborhood .

Aydın news: Photo Kızıldere Chamber of Agriculture President in statements regarding geothermal area Naim S., \"Buharkent , situated on the rich geothermal reserves in the country. to the environment , starting geothermal adventure in 1967, and its harm to agriculture continues accumulating . Kızıldere our neighborhood until a few years ago only area has had a while today 3 companies concessions. the first when both test generation who are entitled later of these companies has fluctuated for the third power plant. Exploding geothermal wells, the fig and olive trees, 242-degree steam-burning , irrigation channels and Büyük Menderes release of geothermal fluids Buharkent to have become everyday occurrences , \"he said .
so far, many agricultural unauthorized unless purchased by companies with geothermal concession of land figs found in these areas , grapes and especially President Özdamar arguing that cut the olive tree, \"Our producers themselves corporate lawyers'sell if you do not expropriation your hand we take'complain that they faced with the lyrics . Agricultural areas in Kızıldere is under the protection of the olive is first class protection and soil conservation laws. Concessionaire company of someone about to open unauthorized wells in agricultural land has been given an administrative penalty . Despite this tree continues to slaughter , \"he said.
\" REGIONAL we AGRICULTURE wild capitalism irrepressible lust for money to SACRIFICE BEING \"Photo Geothermal companies Özdamar inviting them to obey the law , \"which has rich geothermal reserves we strongly oppose the sacrifice of the wild capitalism of the agricultural irrepressible lust for money . Geothermal company and its partners have not opened my producers but I figs, vines and olive groves starve and if the tree is destroyed . This requires that the right to examine the social consequences . This region is the area of ​​tourism . 3 can not be removed without being the signature of the Minister of Tourism. The Expropriation threatening behavior are examples of wild capitalism . Expropriation Act is obvious. No private company does not have the authority to expropriate . Energy production is the need of our country. Geothermal companies are invited to act in law apartment , \"he said .

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