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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 19:27

Ozkan, who was beaten Headmaster Visits

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Ahmet Adiyaman April 23 Elementary School Principal Uzbek beaten by parents upon a student's Provincial Director of Education Saif Ozkan , Head of Education Inspector M.

Adıyaman news: Ali Ali and corporate lawyer Mustafa Demiral, the school principal Uzbek visited .
Provincial Education Director Saif Ozkan , Education Inspectors President Ali Ali and the organization's lawyer Mustafa Demiral by the school visits , school teachers in the room present with teachers chat whether , was made in get past . Related to the subject as in statements Provincial Education Director Özkan , school administration and teachers addressed in his statement , \"At school incidents deplores condemn the incident ordinary meeting is not possible . Moreover no justification teacher , educator be assaulted do not justify . Education slot humanitarian and moral within the values ​​with tolerance but training is provided . violence ignorance brought about by a state . our schools and , in general, our society violence Ousting is required. this is , again, to education , our teachers possible. beaten the school principal to get past my wishes would like to extend . He is not alone. Both our corporation counsel as well as Education inspectors president legal aspects to it each fleece will provide support . now well should be known that everyone is doing will assume responsibility and is doing the corresponding sanctions will encounter. legal aspects of what to do if you need to do and this event will pursue , \"he said .

Ozkan, who was beaten Headmaster Visits" comments for.


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