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  • 12 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 10:20

Ozkan:"Counterfeit Medicines in Pharmacies No way"

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Adana Chamber of Pharmacists President Pharm.

Adana news: Adana Chamber of Pharmacists President Pharm. ERSUN Ozkan, Drug Tracking System (ITS) and each drug karebarkod ie identity recalling that the pharmacies nearest 'health adviser' centers that citizens medicines and other health products from pharmacies safely take can be said.
Ozkan, said that, in some provinces counterfeit drug operations is regulated by news Watch, said:"These events pharmacy medicine and health products on the importance once again have highlighted. particular patient behalf would like to mention the recipe with legally pharmacies received from their about drugs hesitate to be present. because today, especially drug monitoring system for virtually all drugs karebarkod that identity is available. Consequently pharmacy from our Ministry of Health approval without any drug sold there is no chance. this occasion, here once more our citizens pharmacies nearest medical consultant centers that, medicines and other health products our pharmacy can provide safely with complacency,"he said.
any complaints about counterfeit drugs or information that reached them Adana Chamber of Pharmacists Pharmacy President said. ERSUN Ozkan,"15 April 2013 on the press reflected the college student wishes Ozcelik's cancer treatment drug required in Turkey could not be found containing news, I think all of you may remember. Those days oncology used in the treatment of many drugs, especially SSI drug policy grounds by pharmaceutical companies brought to our country if our people We shared. those days there and still ongoing patient grievance form and beer before such drugs to be made legal arrangements after all pharmacies in our our patients easily and safely transported must be mentioned that. present situation of such drugs supply problems at the opportunity, knowing human life, the importance making mobs are descended unfortunately we press in the have learned. the sense of priorities of the authorities soon in the market without such vital drugs with pharmacy shelves to replace the necessary legal arrangements by making our patients such drugs safely provide transportation are required,"he said.

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