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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:43

Ozkan,"was born of necessity Courses"

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Saray district of Tekirdag Saray District Organization of the Republican People's Party, visited classrooms in the district operates.

Tekirdağ news: Saray district of Tekirdag Saray District Organization of the Republican People's Party, visited classrooms in the district operates. Culture Courses beginning with the visits, respectively Science Classroom, Fem-hall and continued with Final Classroom. Fem-hall discussions in the classroom of the present education system as a result of birth, pointing CHP O erkezköy District Chairman Saim Ozkan,"Classroom closure of the child as to provide quality education parents who want different quest will enter into the. These days in official form providing education these institutions at the same time the government underestimated the amount of tax serves. these institutions closure of the case of children, their home course to take will be released. this state any return will not be,"he said.
"is against the law"
Every mother and father of the child the best possible education and training not request, classrooms today's compulsory educational institutions made stated that the CHP Education Vice President Necdet Ertürk,"The government's classroom close to stand an unlawful act. Everybody wants the child to educate are entitled to. this right from its parent to be the rule of law are incompatible with. Moreover, the National Education curriculum are not many topics in classrooms is given, students from schools of higher quality education in classrooms receive,"he said.
public, yet the incident was not aware, classroom closure of the case of students negatively affected, indicating that Fem Classroom Manager Ahmet Avci,"We present education parallel to provide an education that we do not argue. Watch the way method to teach. SSPC president's description, I think it's funny. speech, that After the Ministry of Education states that the implementation of the curriculum. So to this day, which were attached to the curriculum, I am very curious about it,"he said.
class of 27 people, consisting of emphasis Hunter,"Our classes of students in a casual setting course to see that will enable the feature. Courses are closed suppose. Saturday and Sundays, these children going to do? Student of the week, except for classroom very difficult to study., but not so hard in the classroom,"he said. Hunters also available on the closure of classrooms along with three thousand classroom wing will move and the government of the comments made on this issue is full of contradictions, he said. Hunter,"the Prime Minister says things apart, the ministers and undersecretaries other things", he said.

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