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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:38

Ozturk , Eid Messages

Ozturk , Eid Messages
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Anatolia in Love Association President Mehmet Hakan Öztürk , has released a message on the Feast of Sacrifice reason .

Kilis news:
Association President Mehmet Hakan Öztürk , Feast of the country's unity and solidarity shown crucial , said:\"These days, very good assessment is required. Feast of the needs of the owners that respects joys are shared , hearts softened , relatives , friends and neighbors visited the orphans , orphans and the poor delighted that the guests treats to multiply special occasions. Eid al-Adha , the name of the victims of worship was named after . victims of worship , the people necessary goods and lives in Allah's way to sacrifice the awareness vaccines. Wealth share with others the habit of saving. rich and poor with each other fusion to each other, love and counting the and the bonds of brotherhood strengthen their is conducive . Solidarity and love, friendship pillar of humanity is required. that we have facilities who need to share with our Orfű the basis of our slogan one . fathom that we will Eid al-Adha to our country's unity, togetherness , love, peace, brotherhood and peace I wish to bring . With these thoughts and feelings of our countrymen , especially our citizens , including all the best wishes celebrates the Feast of Sacrifice , the petition would Almighty God , \"he said .

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