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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 22:05

Öztürk:\"Array is suspicious of her husband following ladies \"

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Samsun Mufti Asst.

Samsun news: Samsun Mufti Asst. Assoc. Dr. . Surprisingly Ozturk, home directory under the influence of sequence following the ladies said they suspect their husbands . Mufti
Asst. Assoc. Dr. . Surprisingly Ozturk, members of the press Ramadan Iftar dinner was so . Amisos held at the hotel iftar dinner Press and Information City Manager Tahsin Bayar , Press Ad Council (RCC ) Samsun Branch Chairman Mustafa Bayraktar , May 19 Journalists Association President Ismail Clean and members of the press attended.
\"< strong> SEQ fOLLOWING ladies hUSBAND you suspect \"
Iftar meal after eating speaking Mufti Ozturk, \"Every year the Ministry of Religious Affairs have a theme on the agenda bears . this year Ramadan theme'Nobody Homeless Kalmasın , this Ramadan and every Time .'under this title issues have been addressed. these modern loneliness , refugees, street children, orphans and the elderly. Samsun Mufti about it as we are also a team are working , \"he said .
modern loneliness'California Syndrome'as is referred to everything, although lonely people stating that Ozturk, \"Everything would get , but nothing they do not have . life's meaning that they do not think .'life worth living means do not believe that saying'end of life , even to solemnize can . This problem is not only the world's problems , but also our country is the problem. There was a man living alone on the 13th floor died. No one is going to one of the bodies was coke . Had died and was noticed after 13 days . Houses knee side , we have made sub-sub on top . But the heart of the mountains were out too far . Even in the elevator to each other saying'hello'not , do not salute . We've come to a point like this . Samsun by Mufti we first started this job because the foundation of the family is family . We have major problems in our family . Our children are off to their room from morning till evening for the beginning of the internet . Anal watching the series . Sequence following the ladies are suspicious of their husbands . Father match , soccer , grandfather prayer , what on earth . Such houses began to occur . We challenge each evening programs in the county are doing. We tell the family . Domestic violence , respect're telling . Especially young age and maturity of years married , widowed ladies and gentleman we recommend . Our religion is also in line with the provision of these verses and hadiths are trying to tell . Loneliness is due to Allah , \"he said .
Our master the Prophet stated that it was an orphan Ozturk,\"the war has left an orphan . Consisting of domestic violence and divorce are orphans . Recently a great deal towards orphans in our country began to increase .'Orphan'saying you need to go . Our Prophet was an orphan and 1.5 billion in the Islamic world is his work . The state is opening his home to orphans abroad, doing one's hair but not okşaya . Here we orphans in our whole county , including villages have identified an orphan . We are sending the news to family and'aspire to orphans'call. We read in high school and college and we will meet all the costs . These orphans in this regard lays all the amenities and services are under their feet , \"he said .
refugees who settled in Samsun should not be seen as a burden underlines Ozturk, \"one day we could be refugees . We can go to a country we do not know . All our fortunes and our country everything remains. We can go there and stay hungry . Coming from behind the issue of street children problem of the past , today's and tomorrow's going to be the problem is an issue . Units working in coordination of this work can be overcome . Street children is one of our most important issues of our . We have sentan SMS to 5601 on refugees are giving Qadar . Identify and refugee families , we'll help himself by going to their homes . Some families also helps different people . Sometimes a family is able to help 10 people . One out of nowhere to crack , one crack of starvation . Once you have identified them as we will start family fraternity . Otherwise , these children can be children who sell drugs on the streets tomorrow . The need to take measures in advance . One day we will grow old . We must not fail in our great respect for him, \"he said .

Öztürk:\"Array is suspicious of her husband following ladies \"" comments for.


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