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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:01

Öztürk:\"Assimilation Policies in Bulgaria peaked \"

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The AK Party Istanbul deputy Mustafa Öztürk assimilation policies peaked in Bulgaria , he said.

Bursa news:
Pomak 1 ordinary general meeting of the Federation of Associations in many provinces of Turkey to the Pomak joined nearly a thousand . Turkey Bulgaria Parliamentary Friendship Group Chairman MP Mustafa Ozturk, Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe , Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar, political parties and civil society representatives in plenary followed.
Speaking at the meeting deputy Mustafa Ozturk, Pomaks inhabited the process of assimilation Bulgaria born in one of the witnesses stated that closely . Ozturk, the newly established federation living in Bulgaria Pomaks with the more robust and stronger relations establishment would benefit stressed.
Ozturk, \"our country in different geographical regions living Pomak our brothers unity , solidarity , solidarity and culture of the housing and in terms of developing federations under the umbrella of merger is important I think , \"he said .
years ago initiated the communist government and the assimilation policies culminating said Ozturk,\"Everyone knows that the Bulgarian Pomak and Roma brothers and sisters psychological pressure continues. Business to find religion and names are changing . this approach EU member for a state of unacceptable is the attitude . human rights and international conventions is against . emigrated from Bulgaria who was forced to refugees brothers , belief, culture and our civilization values ​​protection, adopting new alternatives NGOs formation of care. many years Balkans, especially Bulgaria , who emigrated from our brothers and sisters who sacrificed their ideological obsessions , which re-rent political alternative to the expectations of the tool against some of the structures that I hope to be one of the NGOs . Although it was founded just a short time ago in line with the values ​​of our civilization is very important that implement projects such as the Balkans Culture and Solidarity Association . We will be supportive of our federation . Needed in our country , as well as living in Bulgaria kin and our Muslim brothers always will be next , \"he said .
Deputy Mustafa Ozturk, between Bulgaria and Turkey political developments talked about . Ozturk, \"For years, Bulgaria our brothers in religion, culture and language on issues that ignores the Bulgarian our compatriots and our Muslim brothers for the welfare not for themselves, policy makers , youth obstructs , Turkey relations put some distance the MRL's ( Rights and Freedoms Movement) new leader Lutfi Mesa and the team with the president of our adoption were together . Adoption of before and after , past mistakes of the responsibility is theirs , relations with Turkey want to increase that of Turkey and the region , as well as for themselves, there is hope for the expression and without Turkey they can not understand as a positive development I am evaluating . But I think that is not enough . The main point of this movement and the need to change the mindset of the people is the most important issue voiced . MRF should take more steps , to win the trust of the people , must show sincerity by actions to be made . Goodwill president Ahmet Dogan and organizations should get rid of the influence of the dynamics , \"he said .


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