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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 14:22

Pain at Children's Festival

Pain at Children's Festival
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Kindergarten pain by Atatürk'With Small Steps to Big Goals Project'under the preschool for students'Children's Festival'was held.

Ağrı news: Kindergarten pain by Atatürk'With Small Steps to Big Goals Project'under the preschool for students'Children's Festival'was held.
festival held at the stadium in the city ; Taner's Deputy Governor Teng , Provincial Education Director Hatem Dursun, branch manager Nurcu Steel, school principals , preschool teachers , students and parents attended . Here speaks the Provincial Education Director Hatem Dursun, Ataturk is conducting kindergarten to prepare the project's priorities, social cohesion , reducing economic and cultural differences that predispose children to come together is an approach , he said. Organized this festival primarily out of the village who could and village social activity not included and lonely students socially great support that would be Dursun, \"This festival for pain , painful important for children is a carnival . Province in our pre-school institutions for the important and is a big step . these kind of activities in our province have started us happy is . such organizations preschool institutions of education in teaching students of our social development will provide . Additionally , students such great organizations come together and new friendships and friendships Pursuing verbal linguistic development will provide . Moreover preschool students how in different circumstances their lives and asked the common language game. this festival also playing games , a variety of pre-school activities, making together nicely , happy will spend time and throughout their lives today from memory easily will not appear . festive with the villages and in our province will consist of a positive climate , long-term enrollment rate in effect on will . Participation in the program will show all kindergarten located in the village school . Various booths at the festival will be created and pre-school enrollment rate to increase the province-wide will be made ​​a beautiful presentation . To do this conviviality in our province will be caught in a preschool dynamism and greater awareness will be created. The project's long-term returns of 26 percent in preschool education , which aims to increase the rate of enrollment . In addition, impact of the project short and long term will occur in preschool audience , these students will earn achievements , families , teachers, school administrators and the public in village schools disadvantages and project the developments awareness about project outcomes between the easily enter the interference that are , \"he said .
Speaking after the Governor Deputy Provincial Director of Education Taner Teng and Hatem Dursun, kindergartens received information toured the state . Little students were entertained with music .

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