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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:31

Pain Terror Operations:8 Detention

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Pain in the local elections to citizens allegedly made threats and pressure for people eight people were detained in the operation.

Pain in the local elections to citizens threats and pressures of his alleged victims in operations against eight people were arrested.
Pain governorship in a statement,"In our province in recent months, especially Diyadin and Doğubayazıt some of the citizens, village headmen, political party officials and for public officials threatening letters were sent. these threats in letters of political preferences change their oppression they served, their political parties to resign in the direction that they forced the so-called taxation under the name of tribute they want on the understanding, Provincial Gendarmerie Command and the Provincial Security Directorate related units of the intelligence work was initiated. Started intelligence as a result of Erzurum Special Authority Prosecutor General's Office with instructions in an operation conducted eight people were arrested. Captured individuals above and in the homes of calls made; various organizational documents, threatening letters, two pistols, two rifles were seized. Moreover these individuals to public officials they sent threatening letters in their Kalashnikov bullet is located and some public officials are determined to be in preparation for the assassination"the statement said.

Pain Terror Operations:8 Detention" comments for.


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