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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 13:49

Pair Found Dead in Room Lecturer

Pair Found Dead in Room Lecturer
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Pamukkale University (PAU) Assist in the hospital.

Denizli news: Assoc. Dr. Air Polishing the employee was found dead in his room. It was claimed that the doctor had committed suicide. Photo Event , Pamukkale University in the morning (PAI) Hospital has occurred . Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital of the Polish yrd.doç.dr.hav lecturer in the Department of Nephrology (37) can not get news from her family situation since yesterday shared with the hospital authorities. Hospital staff because of the door being locked when the door opened with the help of a locksmith. Air entering the hospital staff had encountered lifeless body polish . Availability colleagues that the police has experienced great sorrow. Photo ARM to injected the medication was NOT , while in the solid security thread is the room came to the Photo Police , prosecutors also made ​​observations came into the room. Assistant after the examinations . Assoc The funeral was removed to the morgue for an autopsy air polishing . After the initial examination that the drug injected overdose Air polish left arm but the investigation is donefor any other reason or is it suicide.
\" Four days was sick \"Photo of the event after Pamukkale University Medical Faculty Hospital Chief Physician Assistant Prof. Forensic autopsy said they were very sorry. Turkists is stated indeed they were very upset \"by the news parents could not get gave us the news . When the hours colleagues room was found dead in his seat our teacher. After the exact cause of death autopsy is not clear whether certain olacak.ş the moment suicide. It is four days was sick and on medication. Needle what purpose We do not know that he is doing. the final decision will give the prosecutor. We wait for the autopsy for the exact cause of death , \"he said .

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