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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 09:39

Palandöken:\"Laws Regulating the Retail Sector in the National Assembly\"

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Confederation of Tradesmen and Artisans of Turkey (TESK ) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken , wait for months they'expressed satisfaction that the Draft Law on the Regulation of Retail Trade submission to the Parliament the Prime Minister .

Ankara news: Photo beginning with Customs Union accession process in 1996, Tradesmen and Craftsmen closely Assembly of the draft law on the introduction of rules concerning the Retail Industry and Trade stating Komisyonundat I parties that will be discussed with the participation of what they see as an important step TESK Chairman Bendevi Palandöken , \"Draft Law of Parliament we are one step closer to leaving the law to be introduced. Because for 18 years we were expecting this bill. our first priority is TESK is to provide the retail trade rules . we demand persistently since getirilmesini1996 of this rule. after the Act set out rules not only to the traditional retail sector , which started to hurt each other AVM and the organized retail sector such as hypermarkets will also failing aspects of the scheme. our people, with the release of the most important laws better quality products , which can get cheaper. Year-round unrealistic discounts will enter the order, \"he said .
\"AVM \" LERIN HOURS should be determined 'Photo'is positive in Tasarısı'nıngenel law prepared on the Regulation of Retail Trade and Palandöken stating that the bill will eliminate the unfair competition and to be approved , he said the following:Photo'a whole olarakhakim and interests of consumers and even employees will be protected . Every day, large shopping centers , chain stores with Hyper-gross for the survival of small tradesmen and artisans began to disappear in the face of saatlerikural markets must be connected to the opening and closing of the new regulations. 7/24 AVM application running on duty should be abolished. Most importantly saatlerib work must not exceed 10 hours per day. However, Sunday Vacation days must be made. New shopping centers should be done to prevent the inner cities , the commission will be created to the views of representatives of chambers of commerce must be complied with . \"

Palandöken:\"Laws Regulating the Retail Sector in the National Assembly\"" comments for.


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