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  • 28 Ocak 2014, Salı 10:41

Paper Marbling is kept alive in Aydin

Paper Marbling is kept alive in Aydin
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Classical Turkish art of marbling course opened in Aydin for survival, especially of citizens, including pensioners and housewives have shown great interest.

Aydın news:  Classical Turkish art of marbling course opened in Aydin for survival, especially of citizens, including pensioners and housewives have shown great interest.
Aydin Province Directorate of Public Education Center Evening Art School in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism organized 'Ebru Course for housewives and retired citizens to show great interest. Aydin Province Cultural Center Exhibition Hall art teacher of the course, which will last 200 hours in the presence of twins Songül ongoing period of 21 participants attending. Every Wednesday between 30.08 and 16.00 hours of the course participants are between the ages of 18 and 80. Ebru learned the art of trainees, they produced works by selling the home economy contributed to the making.
Marbling course in October start until June, gradually would continue expressing Songül Twin,"men, women and education without distinction of our courses elementary school who have completed all citizens can participate. every profession and every group of people in these courses may participate. we primary have finished all age groups that we address. Trainees our here having a good time passing rehabilitated are becoming. Actually, this is a therapy center and participating trainees that they deal with the arts with a lovely spend their time. Some doctors patients themselves feel better about being happy and a different social group to enter these courses is recommended. really came here people new environments and different friendships broaches. Errors trainees of these courses during the summer break to continue what they want. Generally people here having a good time is. the works of some of the framed hanging, we'll give. Some trainees also his works selling small amounts though are making money. different studies make people happy would. earlier our courses certificates receive different special education centers engaged in this business have friends. This type of course with respect to spew that and exhibitions and our friends who are making money. Also in the summer tourist places in a show money winners have friends. currently on course continued 18 to 80 years old trainees have. ended in June will end of the course successful trainees receive a certificate,"he said.
Ebru course four years attending a retired civil servant Yusuf Arslan,"Course opening the case every year, trying to come. Ebru belongs to us is an art, and since my time in terms of evaluating the course agree. these courses make money with the intention also did not start but the money gained, continue to make I would. belongs to us is an art, because she's ready I am. reported arts in as many months without the hassle five minutes a piece unveiling are. Ebru art a bit more original art. During the summer resorts to increasingly albeit small, I'm making money,"he said.
Beginning in October will continue gradually until June, marbling trainees to successfully complete the course will receive a certificate. In addition, the course will be prepared by the end of period artifacts, the exhibition will be presented to the Aydınlılar.

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