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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:55

\"Parallel Structure \"Operation

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Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor of the Republic by the'parallel structures'detention decision within the scope of the police investigation into allegations the 17 deputies , prosecutors and judges were allegedly listened with fake documents .

İstanbul news: Photo by Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor of the Republic'parallel structures'in the morning as part of the investigation into the alleged operation was launched in 7 provinces . The investigation conducted by the Prosecutor Arrow Özsoy Police Headquarters Inspector of Edirne and Tekirdağ Police Intelligence Branch officers of 2008-2014 between the years many people's false identity and personal information for various time periods as special purpose initiated on notice that the direction taken in the recording of rest and conversation was specified. Photo including police chiefs who had been detained under investigation HHS and ö.n.'n from the 17 suspects police where , among them deputy prosecutor-judges , politicians, senior bureaucrats , security personnel and journalists, also found a large number of people on grounds of being a member of an illegal organization they have nothing to do with fake documents CMK 250 substances authorized Istanbul the Criminal Court ( closed ) they listen to based on prevention listen to their decisions , completely special-purpose carry it out , whether to do with state security were expressed as understood . the names of detained within the scope of Photo operations , in Tekirdag Intelligence Branch officer police chief HHS Intelligence Branch officer and chief of police in Edirne Ö.N. with other law enforcement officials, BA , OG , VA , OT, S. , FA, US, HK, YE, Ü.Y. , OD, C. O. ,'s extend , A.Ö. and IA as specified .
Meanwhile, the suspects removed hhs'y the detention decision can not be reached on the scope of operations , while the other suspects ö.n.'n allowed on the grounds that he learned that his mother uncomfortable .

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