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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:59

Parents in Reading Race

Parents in Reading Race
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Fatma Irfan Tekirdag connected to the lid latch Elementary School will be held with the participation of 300 parents 'Reading' project, the ceremony began.

Tekirdağ news: Sponsored Lid Mayor Irfan Latch his,"IFC Parents Reading, Reading paid"project was implemented.
School's activity in the room teachers, students and parents come together for the reading campaign, the president spoke Irfan Lever, the project involved thanked. Latch,"Kapakli the emigration because of the future school needs to have observed that. Partner in the hand handful what you have for this school spent. His spending I by adding our school opened,"he said.
"IFC Parents Reading, Reading Gaining"project in the first 10 entrants household appliances as a gift, adding that the President latch in the project, the first is selected, evince to the needs of the gift will be given, this gift of the fridge, washing machine, such as durable goods, said it would be. President Latch,"to the parents under the project of reading for children The Review Art, What Keeps Mankind Alive, school begins at home, White Lilies Country, Children unhappy and should not fail and the Small Stuff's books were distributed. Every week, to be replaced books so that each participant was read by going to ., which will be held on March 1 hundred multiple-choice questions to test the reader by asking parents to do the exam,"he said.

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