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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:38

Parents'Meeting was held in the school burned during demonstrations

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Sirnak Silopi burned during demonstrations in the town of Koç Primary School and Middle School parents meeting was held .

Sirnak Silopi burned during demonstrations in the town of Koç Primary School and Middle School parents meeting was held . Students interested in meeting with their parents were emotional moments during the speeches made by the school principal. Photo coach Primary School and Secondary School Principals meeting held at the Conference Hall of Nurettin Kaden , PTA President Abdulselam Bağcı attended school teachers and parents of students . School Manager Nurettin Kaden made ​​the opening speech of the meeting , said he was quite upset at the lack of training schools. Nurettin explaining that the school is burned on the evening of her phone came from Kai , \"I immediately called police , said that the news of the police state. Then I called the fire department that they know , but he said they could not go to the fire because of the ongoing events . He said that the news of the incident called the national education director. I have nothing to do anymore did not . Behold the man's house on fire is lit or place of business , I did not have something to do that's exactly what I've been hurt, but my dear , \"he said . The events ended but Kaden explained that they came to the school , said:\"Due to a fire at school smoke traces clung to the walls of the school. Corresponds to the possibility to make a carcinogen traces of this in the Wall was suspended for education . In our way , we need to continue their education . Tigris Elementary School is located in the end right side'n we moved to a thousand 700 students. Yes, a very difficult situation, both for students of both the Tigris Primary happening a difficult situation for our students. extremely gets crowded , our students are doing away training from their class . in fact, that all of us were impressed, our psychology is broken. more impaired students . But we will get through these days. Hopefully soon we will be like the old school . \"Photo Headmaster Nurettin Kaden said that this morning learned that they will tender for the refurbishment of the opinion that they and the school and education manager , said:\"Tender at our school renovation work after will begin. There was property damage in school fire after 130 thousand worth . Hopefully hands of the union in will begin teaching at our school education . \"The Photo PTA President Abdulselam Bağcı Although it has a long time over the incident said that school is still the start of the renovation. Children to another school in my education Abdulselam stated that they were uncomfortable student because he sees Bağcı, \"We have contact several times with the authorities. But we encounter negativity at a time . Now they will hold a tender for repair of the school. The tender process is taking too long . If we had something in their midst we do not, the renovations of the school may end in the second period. that is why we let our school with our own possibility . Condition is good as soon as we make our parents support us and if old school , \"he said . Photo of Mustafa Work Student parents of the students also said that they had with the burning of the school in a very difficult situation . Students stating that they no longer want to go to their school Mustafa work, asked the school to continue from where it was a moment ago remains renovated passed to education and training. Photo parent along with Asi of students coming to meetings Stars , that the school is very miss and include said he wanted to return to school as soon as possible said:\"We expect that the repair would like to read our own school. our school as soon as possible . \"Photo made ​​after the meeting pupils'parents toured the schools damaged in the attack. Photo

Parents'Meeting was held in the school burned during demonstrations" comments for.


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