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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 16:41

Parents \"School-Parent Relationship\"Conference

Parents \
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Ankara University Faculty of Educational Sciences Prof.

Malatya news: Dr. Saladin by which sons as for parents \"school-parent relationship\"was given to a conference .
Held in Sabancı Cultural Center and College of Malatya TED conference organized by Prof. Dr. Saladin was the Son , \"the exploitation of behavioral space in the school. Schools , as well as the children's academic development , suitable for personality development'behavior areas'need to create. Roles of the number of students and the behavior space in the school of a behavioral space in the school, will affect the student's personality and social development in the first degree . the impact of small and large schools on children given as an example in this respect. Behaviour create space and operate existing behavioral areas ( or to disrupt ) , teachers, and is the responsibility of the school administrators as well as school parents , \"he said . Photo by Prof. Dr. Have sons , \"school as a system . The school has a system, composed of each system subsystems and itself creates a subsystem of another system. There is a mutual interaction between the elements of the system . The changes occurring in one of the system's components-now will affect the entire system. The system of elements There are rules governing the relationship between written or unwritten . the rules reduce uncertainty . uncertainty is one cause of anxiety and panic . school and classroom rules are necessary and important for the school system , \"he said .

Parents \"School-Parent Relationship\"Conference" comments for.


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