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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 11:40


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New training and education in kindergarten, primary and lower secondary classes rang the bell for the course .

Çanakkale news: New training and education in kindergarten, primary and lower secondary classes rang the bell for the course . Tiny school students who met for the first time , has been a challenging start to the marathon . ÇOMÜ Clinical Psychologist Department of Health, Culture and Sports , Serdar Topal, in the first days of school for parents advised .
ÇOMÜ Health, Culture and Sports Department of Clinical Psychologist Serdar Topal, of the start of school and parents , as well as a new beginning for the child , he said . Children when starting school , some problems can live reminding lame , \"especially from parents separated slog and new process to adapt slog most common problems is one . During this period, parents'attitudes are important. Parents start of school children before school and school concept should prepare . For this school to talk about the school give information about , there will live things to talk about , that will be gained new friends to talk about your child's school and school concept to get used to a good start will be . necessary , with other children already go to school and visiting the child's time spent where to see the child's head, the uncertainty in this would be helpful . parental leave difficulty live . parent to leave him from the school leavin feared , and to leave him may not want . his parents own the school to come to class together in the living may ask . crying their going to prevent you may ask. Tantrums at home before going to school , they can stubbornness . School phobia in some children, nausea , headache , abdominal pain, difficulties can cause , \"he said .
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University website , the University Lecturer Öznur Doğangün parents for the conduct of providing information lame ,\"Parents'attitudes is very important. If they continue to stay with your child when you cry it makes it difficult for the child's adaptation to school . In this case, strong support from the school guidance counselor and the classroom teachers should be asked , and efforts should be made to solve this problem . Parents in this case , another important issue is to be determined . Often parents leave their children in emotional and are forced to act . This makes it difficult to fit the child and the delay is an attitude . If parents act decisively and teachers/listen to the advice of experts if they can be circumvented more comfortable this time . Free yourself at home and feel comfortable with the school children who meet certain rules and comply with them may have difficulty or do not want to comply . If parents promise they made ​​to adapt to the school in advance of our ethics will also be reduced odds of encountering this problem . During this period, parents should pay attention to another topic or punishment of school touted as a necessity is that it should not be .'You're doing naughty I'll send you to school'or'I'm rid of you also start school as'discourses in this process are other factors which may cause problems . Adaptation process more comfortable for children to ride in our country for the period beginning one week prior to the new is initiated. This is a week to adapt to the child's school is intended to facilitate . He is coming from the older students , the rules are more flexible and passing game this week, mainly to adapt to the child's school is important. Our experts on this subject in our schools have enough experience . Our parents any trouble when school guidance teachers, classroom teachers , or from a psychologist or psychological counselor can get support , \"he said .
University will begin new ones for which advises Topal said:
\"the university along with a new significant changes in the lives of young people who moved to the city would be . Side of the family for the first time many young people leaving before they assume responsibility remains alone . Life changing habits of the existing equilibrium is disturbed . This period also is the process of providing a new equilibrium . Young people's personality traits , problem-solving skills and forms of assessment , depending on the events of this process more smooth and seamless atlatılırk in some people , and some people can be forced . During this period, young families yearn , I often go back home , quit school , several times a day to call your parents , loss of appetite , fatigue, sleep problems , continuous and unprovoked crying, appetite problems , drowsiness , tension suffering as live . First, you need to be aware that there is a normal process . This process decreased from 1 week to 3 months and I can say will disappear . Unlike you mentioned, the problem does not diminish the problems , as well as a growing or if violence continues in the same way if I need to be strong support from an expert . In particular, for the first time from the family separated , lived departing from the city and a new life opened the door of the youth in this period can live troubles be informed about and being alone have been aware that compliance period more comfortable spending will provide . \"

Parents'School'warning" comments for.


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