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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 03 Ekim 2014, Cuma 10:06

Paris World Auto Show opened its doors to the curious

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In Paris the capital of France , which is held every two years and 250 different car models from 17 countries attended the Paris World Auto Show has opened its doors to car enthusiasts .

Paris news:
automobile exhibition will be open until October 19 , thousands of people are expected to visit . At the opening of the exhibition world-renowned major automobile companies are exhibiting their new models , the brand with the fuel economy that they attached great importance to the issue of environmental pollution was observed. Some firms luxury cars to the visitors , while the French automobile companies , government to prevent accidents way to put them in the secret radar because of disqualified drivers unfit for use more than 50 miles speeding cars has introduced .
Many car manufacturers use less fuel small while recognizing the priority to cars , for inner-city due to the increase in the number of cars powered electrically powered automobile production was observed to be emphasized . Paris World Auto Show , Renault Clio models produced in Turkey were also displayed . Renault's small scale of passenger cars program officer Ali Kassam , exhibition Renault booth , said the exhibition's press presentation on the day of Renault in Bursa and in France produces the Clio and Twingo models of interest is more than stated . The reason for this economical and practical vehicles due to the fact stating that the Qassam , Renault's other model family size Renault Espace a fair review of their cars , he said .
The other hand, fair , many automobile brand in yellow tools to manufacture a striking was spot on. Which included flamboyant colors other than yellow car designers , some vehicle models, the change of the gate when it was realized that give importance to comfort and convenience . Trade and the environment with a single sedans has attracted considerable attention . In particular, Toyota's largest urban car parking space shortage and in the city center speed there is no need for electrically powered mini single a few vehicle which was launched seen .
Two years ago, 113 countries, 12 thousand journalists and 1 million 231 thousand 416 people visited the car at least two years earlier at the fair this year is expected to be reached until the number of visitors .

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