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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:50

Parliament Speaker Flowers Eid al-Adha Message

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Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, \"in the neighborhood are suffering , the sufferings of our nation reminds me of a century ago .

Ankara news: The sufferings of our brothers are deeply saddened us all . Escaped from the war our nation shelter 2 million people to help you all the support we provide , \"he said .
Parliament Speaker Cicek, Eid al-Adha so the message released , the Turkish and Islamic world, the Feast of Sacrifice , celebrating \"all of us in life has a special place holidays , based on love and respect between us significant opportunities to strengthen relations offers . Longing for relief of the longing overcome these blessed days of each other to gratify an opportunity we must turn , \"he said .
Iraq and Syria, the ongoing civil war drew attention to Flower, \"in the neighborhood experienced pain , a century ago, our nation experienced the bitterness that reminds me . The sufferings of our brothers are deeply saddened us all . Our nation refuge to escape from the war to help the 2 million people are providing all kinds of support . This feast is also due to the bitter grievances of their lives in a way we will celebrate . All our efforts of our brothers she had suffered a moment ago is the end , \"he said.
\"Feast of Sacrifice aim of convergence is to , \"said Flower, \"Cut the victims closer to God as much as we are going to do with help the needy neighbors , close to our we treat . Syrians seek refuge in our country in Iraq and we should not forget our brothers and sisters . Because they see us help and support they will always remember when they return to their country , \"he said .
Found in the notes regarding traffic accidents Flower, said:
\"visits will be concentrated in this holiday . Accidents caused by excessive speed and inattention during the holidays is increasing. Deflation and roads of January to turn into a bloodbath , let me ride more careful and patient . \"

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