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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:00

Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission Meetings

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Deputy Chairman of Parliament Ayşenur Bahçekapılı , \"came the Presidency 647 laws , 175 laws were enacted, the proposal was put to the 186 legislative proposals to the General Assembly agenda,\"he said.

Ankara news: Photo Plan and Budget Management Law Center in 2015 and 2013 Final Account Law Commission calls continues. The Commission today in Parliament , the President , the Prime Minister , the Court and the Office of Ombudsman's budget is being discussed. Deputy Chairman of Parliament Ayşenur Bahçekapılı , in his speech at the commission , 24. Period 4 stating that the legislative year the Presidency of the Parliament 173 bill arrives, the 47 bill is enacted , 151 of the said into the General Assembly agenda bill. Bahçekapılı , \"Currently in the 109 bill on commission , on the General Assembly agenda is 292 bill. Have come Presidency 647 laws in the same legislature , has enacted 175 laws offer 186 entered into a law proposal to the General Assembly's agenda. Currently, the 2 thousand 89 offers commission , 12 offer General Assembly agenda There is . 4. Legislative year adopted 58 laws by combining some draft laws and proposals, and 24 Parliament has been resolved . 24. Period 4. In the context of enforcement activities in the legislative year 23 thousand 766 written parliamentary questions were , of which 4 duration of 203 thousand , 6 thousand 357's were answered after a time , \"he said . Bahçekapılı said that given the photo bin 503 oral parliamentary questions , said that they are 101 of them answered. Bahçekapılı , noting that research Assembly resolution 844 granted , 24 and 2 said that the proposal is accepted Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry established. Bahçekapılı , 4 out of 10 general meeting during the legislative proposal , said he expects to be on the agenda of 9 of them . 9 interpellations Bahçekapılı reminded that given the motion , it is taken back to the 2 of the proposal , noting that rejected by 6 of the General Assembly. Bahçekapılı indicating that
the General Assembly's 139 union and 891 session held on , \"worked 794 hours on this work 41 thousand 168 page report has been kept . Commission and in other meetings thousand 73 hours to 17 minutes studies are 28 thousand 809 page report , \"he said . Photo legislative and audit activities within the scope of 775 hours and 40 minutes of Bahçekapılı said the TV broadcast is made, \"these publications 501 hours and 40 minutes through TRT-3 , 274-hour live the General Assembly already made ​​over the internet . the Group publications is 87 hours and 25 minutes. in addition, 122 hours of news broadcasts were carried out , \"he said . about
foreign policy 10 of the OIC meeting in Istanbul, and in 2016 the NATO Istanbul meeting of Parliament house Bahçekapılı noted that a hosted, \"4 in intensive Assembly president in the legislative year , standing committees , international parliamentary assemblies Turkey delegations have been made in contact with the inter-parliamentary friendship groups and lawmakers level \"he said .
Administrative Organization Bahçekapılı reminding Parliament changed the structure, a significant portion of the presidential council decision stated that the renewal of the legislation to create Administrative Organization . Providing information related to physical places Bahçekapılı also said he and the President's Official Residence of visitors to the building is completed.

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