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  • 07 Ocak 2013, Pazartesi 13:44

Part of Mercedes-Benz produced in Turkey

Part of Mercedes-Benz produced in Turkey
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HEMA industry, the world's automotive giants added a new one with his production agreements.

World buying auto giant Mercedes-Benz plant in Düsseldorf, Germany HEMA Industry, Tekirdag Cerkezkoy the center of the town to build a new generation steering wheel. Scheduled to begin production in 2013 and the center is expected to cost 70 million euros, will provide additional employment thousand people.

Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany in Düsseldorf steering operated by Krupp bought Thysen HEMA Industry, Mercedes-Benz will produce hydraulic direksiyonlarını. Çerkezköy Düsseldorf machinery and technology to Turkey to establish a new production center in steering the HEMA industry, aims to complete the plant within 6 months. The plant is expected to cost 70 million euros and will begin production in 2013 and will provide additional employment in thousand persons specified. * Industry HEMA with the passing of the factory production capacity of 50 thousand 150 thousand to upgrade power steering system is expressed, the company will Çerkezköy this investment will be the world's third-largest commercial vehicle wheel manufacturer.

Accordance with the agreement, Mercedes' be made to the steering exports is expected to be provided at the level of income of 50 million euro at the end of 2015, the investment is expected to provide a major contribution to the region's economic and commercial development. Turnover reached one billion pounds, 900 million pounds of reaching the total assets and the employment of four thousand people among the largest institutions in the automotive industry in Turkey HEMA Industry, United Kingdom, Finland, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, mainly in Germany and many other countries is high-tech product exports. Consisting of more than 100 people in R & D center, the company is Turkey's most patents in the HEMA industry, a critical part of many world brands produce their own design, in particular hydraulic systems, transmission and drivetrain, motor units is for sale.

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