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  • 29 Ekim 2013, Salı 16:35

Parts of 41 countries 'Brotherhood and Peace Quilt' Guinness candidate

Parts of 41 countries 'Brotherhood and Peace Quilt' Guinness candidate
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Since the veteran retired teacher living in Balıkesir crafts Virgo"prepared by the Brotherhood and Peace Quilt,"was nominated for the Guinness World Records.

inter-communal peace in the world and aims to contribute to a single work, all the provinces in Turkey from 41 countries and is already 36 square meters consists of a total of 902 parts found fabric.

held by the Group since the Virgo and the Olive Branch"Forty-Yamada A Life"exhibition, opened at the National Forces. Opening, Balıkesir was inaugurated by Governor Ahmet Turhan Turhan wife Nuran. Turhan Speaking at the ceremony,"Brotherhood and Peace Yorganı'nda've been very happy to see the labor of women all over the world. Happiness I wish to bring the women of the world. Hopefully breaks a world record. Mothers reminder on the exhibition in the tradition of patchwork was a very large contribution. Dream that began this project, all the women finger is to track down. initiated the project and would like to thank all contributors."she said. Brotherhood and Peace Quilt is the most valuable piece of the exhibition, has won the admiration of visitors. Nuran Turhan, works of art 22x22 cm. promised to add a bit of size.

After opening the exhibition toured the Governor Turhan, congratulated trainer Pat. Signed the guestbook Turhan expressed his feelings:"B u have a distinct meaning meaningful day outings to the exhibition. Peace in our country and around the world would like to thank all those who contributed wish to cover over humanity."

Parts of 41 countries 'Brotherhood and Peace Quilt' Guinness candidate" comments for.


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