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  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:05

Party members were met with Regional Coordinator Lightning

Party members were met with Regional Coordinator Lightning
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AK Party Deputy Eastern Regional Coordinators and Corum Murat Yildirim , met with Van provincial offices .

Van news: AK Party Deputy Eastern Regional Coordinators and Corum Murat Yildirim , met with Van provincial offices . Corum
Justice and Development Party MP and 6 Regional Coordinator Murat Yildirim met with party members in Van . Party meeting held in the building of the AK Party Tusba Mayor Fevzi Özgökçe , physical, Mayor Sinan Hakan , district heads , city council members and many joined the party . AK Party Chairman Van Av. Speaking after the welcoming speech Zahir Soğanda Regional Coordinator Yildirim, gave a message of unity and togetherness, August 10, voting in the presidential election was stated that Turkey's fate . Lightning ,''Turkey was very important developments within 10 years . Of major projects , all of 10 years ago was implemented projects not even imagine . There have been many firsts . Mr. Prime Minister , the architect of 10 years , the public has shown great favor with the presidential nomination . On August 10, our country is going to this very important election . In Palestine in Gaza, and all the oppressed ah on the ground that it is not the Middle East , Turkey's fate selection will be on that day, our people of Turkey for the welfare , peace , the peace , the oppression order to prevent Erdogan will say . For a long time in Palestine , Gaza is experiencing very painful thing . Humanity bleeds almost there . Gaza is totally under Israeli oppression . Murderer Israel officially genocide regime is performing there . Even the United Nations building bombing does not sound at the United Nations . It's supposed to come out a valiant Let's end the bloodshed . We say we're providing justice at the ballot box . World , this persecution quiet into the match, Turkey's prime minister , the presidential candidate in every conversation killer in the eyes of the world condemn the persecution of Israel . Remove this persecution of our people who will head a valiant presidential candidate arisen in the other hand ; parallel the candidate grew up in Russia , the National Anthem, a candidate who does not even designs a candidate is putting in front of us . In Turkey are playing with people's minds . But with the permission of Allah the people will do what is necessary . We fight for our future , for the fate of the Middle East , the settlement process , in order to maintain peace in our country, we must do our part . We believe that Mr. Prime Minister, over 50 percent of the vote in the first round of this country's first elected president will be ,''he said .

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