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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 19:46

Passed Counter minibus Strip , Otobill collide:8 wounded

Passed Counter minibus Strip , Otobill collide:8 wounded
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Zonguldak in the wrong lane of the passenger van automobile collision that occurred eight people were injured in the accident .

Zonguldak news:
According to information obtained , which goes in the direction of Zonguldak Eregli Saleh A. directed plate 67 AS 408 passenger van , in front of the steering maneuver to enter the pit lane against losing passed. Vans that are coming at this from the wrong lane Erkan Ozcan ( 37 ) directed ZN 856 67 plate car collided . Accident in the van seven people slightly injured 67 ZN 408 plate driver of the vehicle Erkan Özcan was seriously injured.
driver trapped to save CITIZENS was mobilized
scene from the 112 teams and citizens with the help of jam Erkan Özcan removed from the car Bulent Ecevit was taken to University Medical Faculty Hospital . On the other hand, in the van Months Kose (22), Nel's Seer ( 32), Elif Unsal ( 25), turned Yilmaz (28), Cigdem Yilmaz (31) Furkan Lighters ( 32) and unidentified person Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit, Faculty of Medicine, Hospital has been removed.
eyewitness saw the accident told Rabia Vaysal event in tears . Vaysal , \"minibus driver itself from the pit to save the white car appeared in front . Car crime no one to blame minibus driver, \"he said.
Accident unscathed survivor minibus driver Salih Aydin 112 teams from the controls and then by police officers expressed to be taken to the police station was taken .
Erkan Ozcan also due to LPG-run vehicle as a precaution , firefighters were called to the scene . 110 crews arrived at the scene after making checks on the vehicle determined that there are no leaks .
Zonguldak Eregli Road was closed to traffic for a short time . With the withdrawal of the vehicles on the road the road was re-opened to traffic .
Police have launched an investigation into the incident .

Passed Counter minibus Strip , Otobill collide:8 wounded" comments for.


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