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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:17

PAU Increasing the Number of International Students

PAU Increasing the Number of International Students
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Pamukkale University in Language Teaching Research Center , from Sierra Leone, Mauritania , Nigeria, South Africa , Wales, more than 100 international students from the Philippines to learn Turkish .

Denizli news: Photo from Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Nigeria, South Africa , the Philippines Padam more than 100 international students from Wales are learning Turkish. Padam Associate Director . Dr. Mustafa Sari Hotel , Pamukkale University, said the rapid increase in the internationalization process , Denizli, the college was noted that international students into classes raise coming . Photo ongoing applications that they postponed to February 2015 Padam Manager, will gradually increase the number of foreign students he sees on the streets of Denizli public expression he . Photo Turkey's growing and evolving industry , one of the provinces of Denizli also Prof. voicing its way to becoming an international education zone. Dr. Sarıca, said Pamukkale University this field in Turkey's metropolitan university with race in the country diversity of students that is the case and hosting is in constant development. Photo Sarıca, \"Overseas Turks and Related Communities Department and the protocol signed with the Yunus Emre Institute Besides the incoming scholarship students own desires and explore Denizli with research on international students in Padam year Turkish preparatory reading , then you must go to their section. European Language Portfolio by contributing to the Turkish education educational activities in Padam applied to large. every Friday 14:00 to 17:00 Besides the regular events held between times, we intend to fast and efficient learning of students with social practices that teach experienced Turkish Turkish , \"he said .


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