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  • 22 Temmuz 2013, Pazartesi 16:58

PAU youth projects, will participate in the European Union

PAU youth projects, will participate in the European Union
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Pamukkale University (PAU), School of Foreign Languages, 'Youth in Action 3.2 Knowledge Fuels Change' by the European Union (EU), the youth was one of the partners.

Schools, to be held in Romania Projects at EU Youth (Youth in Action Programme) will participate in the two groups. PAU, the first to be held 11-16 November 2013 in Age of Romania will participate in the project.

Recycle Art (The Art of Recycling) project is called the participants and awareness of recycling and environmental issues, more targeted and informed about the work of art, a short training materials will be recycled. Training materials will be produced at the end of the other participants will be presented with the local people. Then the next 18 to 25 November arasında'Eating Alive Food'isimli project. Through this project, participants can be prepared quickly and was delicious premises is a vegetarian (vegetables) and eat healthy food habits will take a short training in the studies to be done. Following these studies, breakfast, lunch and dinner, consisting of a range of local people still picking up the taste of food will present an exhibition.

PAU Associate Director of the School of Foreign Languages. Dr. Saffet swarthy, participation in projects to provide basic objectives opportunity to meet students of different cultures, contribute to the social and intellectual development, he said. Director swarthy, 'the students taking part in projects of social responsibility, volunteering and try to provide learning through non-formal education. Short-term exchange programs Erasmus students to participate in these projects to stimulate and subsequently in the long run will be held in Denizli and PAU aim to host other EU youth projects. Participation, a non-profit non-governmental organizations, and consists of six-person groups. Lecturers involved in these groups as a leader in both the Erasmus Student Exchange Program and other youth projects experience is about. Join the group of our university, our students between the ages of 18-22."He said.

PAU youth projects, will participate in the European Union" comments for.


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