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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:22

Peace Meeting in Sandikli

Peace Meeting in Sandikli
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Wooden district of Afyonkarahisar, chaired by Governor Faik Arıcan Peace Meeting was held.

Afyonkarahisar news: Wooden district of Afyonkarahisar, chaired by Governor Faik Arıcan Peace Meeting was held.
Public Education Center made in and about 2 hours after the meeting, Wooden Safety Manager Hakan Barber, Sandıklı Garrison Commander of the Gendarmerie First Lieutenant Mustafa Kemal Celik, circle chiefs and headmen of the neighborhoods attended.
Sandikli more peaceful, quiet and a livable towns to be what can be done are discussed and solutions are searched at the meeting; weddings thrown weapons, unconsciously used motorcycles, road and pavement occupations and 18 children under the age of cars and motorcycles will be made available and their environmental damage of outstanding issues has happened.
most negative TOPICS WEDDING in throwing weapons
Sandikli disturbing the peace the most important issue at weddings firing guns observe that stating Wooden Governor Faik Arıcan,"the district's come a short time it was. But I have observed far as the negative problems at weddings throw weapon. weapons to throw the wedding with what to do with me. What's the point. This topic headman of my support, I'm waiting. fighting, but it is stimulating's. Topics related campaigns can edit."gun farewell as"campaign organized. we punitive do not want to. Society peace would like to get. Besides, the traffic problem we have. Pavement invasions there, but in Afyonkarahisar and the environment in our province than in a peaceful Keene saying we think. One thing missing we do, but be fair we need justice, we must be."said.
our children from the police frighten
citizens face of events to be sensitive wanting Safety Manager Hakan Barber in his speech"for boxes for Sandikli for peace of mind we all look let's. an event when we see immediately 155 Let's call. our children from the police frighten my. Public Security disrupting an event to come to us say. We accordingly not be mad, broken do not. Rather than would be pleased. Phones with a call from law enforcement telling me that the money cheat alert to let us in our environment, citizens will alert. Fathers and mothers 16 years of age 17 age children in motorcycle and automobile allowed to use're giving. these issues more conscious should be. Thursdays and Fridays our county six units at the school SBS exam will be held. safety we needed in schools measures will take part, but our fellow citizens, nowadays specifications not to make noise and to be careful we want,"he said.

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