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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:48

Pearl:\"Every Day Be Like Today you \"

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Trench Mayor Ali Pearl'Feast of Sacrifice'message published .

Sakarya news:
In his message cooperation , solidarity and compassion of the peak where religious festivals , one of the blessed Eid access to the excitement and happiness that they are in the President stressed Pearls \"Feast of humanitarian and religious beauty together , experiencing unity, togetherness , love and respect beautiful specimens on display , all sectors of society with each other is fused sharing and solidarity are the days .'s Day just for ourselves and our environment yaşamayalım , it houses homes, hearts from the heart to move it . near our , our neighbors , our friends lovingly kucaklayal am . Holidays between people with mutual love and respect the ties that reinforce , resentment forget , the unity and solidarity a desire to live together that reinforces exceptional days. Eid al-Adha , unity and solidarity in helping the poor , homeless and helpless to rapprochement is the best example . national and spiritual values ​​by adopting our life, our love, respect , solidarity, solidarity and tolerance feelings dominates , unless we believe every feast day will be like today . With these thoughts and feelings to the Feast of Sacrifice is celebrated the feast of the family, our country and for all mankind health, happiness and peace would wish to be the occasion . \"He said .

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