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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:51

Pekdaş President:''We all Alsancak Protect Mission'

Pekdaş President:''We all Alsancak Protect Mission'
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Konak Mayor who listens to the demands of people displaced since it was selected Pekdaş Sema , Izmir's business , met with citizens living in Alsancak in the entertainment and shopping center .

İzmir news: Konak Mayor who listens to the demands of people displaced since it was selected Pekdaş Sema , Izmir's business , met with citizens living in Alsancak in the entertainment and shopping center . Residents of problems telling the opportunity to find the meeting Mansion District Deputy Police Chief Halil Booth, Izmirgaz Technical Group Manager Mustafa Sahin, Alsancak Station Amir Kadir Keçeci, Cyprus Martyrs Businessmen's Association ( KIBİAD ) President Hami torch , Alsancak Movement Association President Jade Tonbul also attended. The mayor of Alsancak Hicran Akuzun the meeting held for the first time under the leadership of local residents showed great interest . Photo IZMIR IN CENTER Photo Infrastructure Alsancak work to the indoor marketplace many neighborhood residents at the meeting that discussed the issue had the opportunity to voice their thoughts took the floor in order . Issues were raised at the meeting , which lasted about two hours, was transferred to suggestions and complaints . Listen carefully to each speaker Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş , those who took a single note passed to it . Questions and answers in the form not only of Izmir Alsancak last meeting of Turkey's emphasis is one of the most important centers President Pekdaş , every day Alsancak welcomes hundreds of thousands of people , because of the intensity he said faced with some problems . Parking by noise pollution, they are working to solve many of the problems to light shortcomings from işgaliye President noted Pekdaş everyone to work to bring the Alsancak better point was underlined that fall . Photo TRUE steps should be taken Photo \"requires citizens to be responsible , \"said President Pekdaş , also said that the right decisions must be taken to reach the correct destination . Day is not voicing the need for sustainable solutions Pekdaş , \"Unfortunately we are making noise , a nation to pay attention to cleanliness. There are dates here , culture ... surely we have to protect . Instead of creating a sustainable tourism economy, now being asked to hit the volley . This works stability would . Sustainable our policies , must be our economic activity. Entertainment is not a city, not the place , but we should do by inserting it in the order , \"he said .
entertainment venues among the problems are Pekdaş President also addressed the issue of Izmir , where he experienced the most intense night life all over the world have experienced a similar situation in Alsancak said. Stating the problem would be solved by mutual understanding between the two sides and strict control Pekdaş , also gave information about noise pollution in order to prevent police teams carried out inspections. Alsancak Pekdaş advocating that we need to continue your entertainment life ; \"The houses here should be shown . When Houses go , do not stay here those entities . All become dead spaces. We have to live with this so ,\"he said .
SYNERGIES HIGHLIGHT expressed in Photo Meeting the question raised is simply impossible to be solved by the power of the district councils, the solution must for President Pekdaş indicating that other public institutions and a need for citizens , he underlined that all institutions of the same seriousness and precision should approach the problem. Pekdaş , \"We fortunately responsibility upon us , we are ready to make all our staff whatever it takes to solve the problems ,\"he said .
RESPONSIBILITIES must be fulfilled President reminded once again the responsibility of living in a Photo Urban Pekdaş , residents of the proposed cooperation in solving their problems . Often come together to mutual idea voicing want to exchange the President Pekdaş , \"Garbage is collected , cleaned and then unfortunately some people waste not containerized , places , throwing the empty land .. Of course Alsacak the mire of embarrassment for us all to be referred to the noise. But we are before we have to respect and care for each other. we, the people representing the public have achieved in terms very different views at this meeting. we remove ourselves tasks. we will redefine our work together , \"he told . Photo wILL REMAIN STREET NOT COVERED BY NATURAL GAS < br/> Izmirgaz Technical Group Manager who attended the meeting Mustafa Sahin, responding to requests from residents . Voicing continued operation of streets in Alsancak Sahin, natural gas did not go to the streets in 2015 also said the future of natural gas . Listened to the complaints of citizens in police matters Booth District Deputy Police Chief Halil increased security measures , especially at night , and said they investigate every report from considering the complaint. Booth, warned citizens about police stations across apply to any event. Photo

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