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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:19

People have been poisoned by eating the mushrooms in 3 Kâhta

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Adiyaman poisoned by mushrooms they gathered in the leafy village in the county droplet depends on the Kahler 3 people were admitted to hospital .

Adıyaman news: Photo by information obtained, the first event , the village priest in the county occurred in the droplet . Allegedly, Rabia Zincirkiran (43) by collecting mushrooms in the woods , his wife Zincirkiran Aziz ( 47 ), together with seven . Started disorders such as vomiting and sweating on it. Immediately after noticing the event of extended family was removed by ambulance to the priest at the State Hospital. Photo Kahler State Hospital being treated Rabia Zincirkiran (43) and his wife St. Zincirkiran (47) It was learned that protects the severity of the condition . Other poisoned mushrooms that
collected a leafy events in the county depending on the priest ( who Kurdıg ) 65-year-old Rahim Özer ate mushroom poisoning in the village , the Nomads State Hospital by his wife from there to the priest at the State Hospital. Extract the uterus treated in hospital (65) , due to the protection of the seriousness of the disease was referred to Adiyaman Training and Research Hospital .

People have been poisoned by eating the mushrooms in 3 Kâhta" comments for.


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