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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 09:53

Phantom Flight of the UFO were San

Phantom Flight of the UFO were San
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Adana aerial used to receive image and publicity purposes blown DJ Phantom aircraft citizens UFO's you, \"It came from outer space, \"they said.

Adana news: Photo DJ Phantom makes and sells miniature aircraft design John Ilhan Seyhan district , blew air in the evening to make a presentation in Yeşilyurt neighborhood park . Ilhan, the plane was controlled by remote control.
Meanwhile, the air is light and citizens who thought it was a UFO body hair . Reminiscent of UFOs in the movies because of the image, and each by radiant aircraft UFO citizens to say \"Look have come from this space , aliens \"they said .
Aircraft download Burak Ilhan , said the people of the aircraft that they think UFOs , \"We're flying to enjoy it. We get airborne image. Protect Our Environment we wonder . plug the camera can easily see what is behind the current building. the battery is charging in 90 minutes. 15 minutes in the air sheds . 2 batteries are taking us 25 minutes. People watching in amazement we are able to resolve their curiosity when they want we sell it. Camera 2 thousand cameras and 500 pounds . Smart phones can also transfer images on the fly , \"he said .

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