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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 12:37

Philosophy Teachers can not be assigned in the Assembly

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Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy Metin Lutfi Baydar Aydin , by determining how much teachers in government which is open , said that the determination of the quota will be placed in the university through this vulnerability .

Ankara news: Photo can not be assigned in Parliament can not be assigned at a press conference along with philosophy teachers attention to the teachers'problem Aydın deputy Text Lutfi Baydar, in all departments assignment to develop and form a reasonable assignment basis points limit will be essential , he said should be conducted without examination somehow assignment. Baydar calling to and Ministry of Education, Government , \"Which year was how what areas teachers would our deficit're ready, this deficit over how many teachers of you uncovered it should settle to the university , in the years ahead will be a university student quotas are determined accordingly. In the long term will do it with government , in the short term teachers waiting to close all of the open you perform the assignment of all teachers , \"he said . after graduating from the philosophy department in Photo 2012 he entered stating that assigned despite 84 points to take the KPSS test Ezgi Akkar , did not dominate the podium talking to tears. Ezgi Akkar , \"I got 84 points from the KPSS , I graduated as a second school and I'm standing here right now. You're doing 60 points individual teachers , I do not take me I'm successful in it. Then you justice in your National Education how . I night and day I tried . you wish to become teachers in the classroom you are going , they pay 200-300 pounds , \"he said .

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