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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:57

Phones Makes 3 People Arrested for Fraud

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3 people asking for money in Mardin, 75-year-old man phone call introduce themselves as police , was arrested with organized operation.

Mardin news: 3 people arrested in the courthouse . Photo Mardin Police Department said in a statement , 3 persons residing in the green district of BC (75 ) by a person named by the police themselves stated that he recognized the phone . The statement, \"In an interview with the complainant , the caller with his phone and with the guidance of people who said they were police pulling 50 thousand pounds from the account at another bank on behalf of MZ PTT branches that lay 15 thousand pounds , however, that defrauded the warning of our time the officer will send 35 thousand pounds in the account they give of the number under the guidance of the party stated that noticed . in a survey regarding the subject, by the complainant PTT invested 15 thousand pounds of Diyarbakır money that was taken in Hani district, between the suspect and the complainant was reached information where the 1 hour 45 minute uninterrupted phone call. MZ as related to the event ( 28 ), MS (26) and Na ( 37) at the named persons were arrested along with rights disposed of investigation documents , Mardin E Type Closed Prison were handed over to the Directorate \"the statement said .

Phones Makes 3 People Arrested for Fraud" comments for.


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