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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:37

Photo Report And Interview Held

Photo Report And Interview Held
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Malatya Photography and Cinema Arts Society ( MAFSAD ) Board Member dr.güray Lamb, gave presentations and lectures at the University of İnönü .

Malatya news: Photo Inonu University Photography went to college on the invitation of the Community MAFSAD Board Member dr.güray Lamb \"Framing \"and \"Arabian Horse \"made ​​two presentations by name. Photo Presentation interviews following students they wonder dr.güray Lamb'or they ask. Lamb, picture how it started , what kind of problems you've been shared with the students what they are doing to improve herself. Photo Inonu University, Mechanical Engineering, lecturer in the department and also the yrd.doç.dr.erk who advise the İnfoto Garden, said in a statement photo is an enjoyable pursuit area of ​​the arts and to engage the youth's attention this year is high participation in the photography community , therefore, both the training was that they tried to contribute to the development of the students by organizing both presentation-interviews . İnönü participating in photo Events University student Şeymagül Erdemir, primarily contributed to the presentation last İnfoto Photographer Güray thanked the Board and the Lamb . Should the photos in the presentation as well as technical and said it was very successful Erdemir from a visual standpoint, that such organizations provide their many contributions and expressed that there should be the continuation .

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