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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:59

Physically Disabled Ski lifts Büşra'nın Joy

Physically Disabled Ski lifts Büşra'nın Joy
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Cerebral Palsy is a month Bushra is disabled due to illness , Şentepe cable car line-Cankaya dream was realized .

Ankara news:
wheelchair and with his family cable car cabin comfortably ride can be a month , \"the cable car all the physically handicapped recommend to my friends I'm going , I liked a lot ,\"he said .
cable car cabins seats \"folding \"feature because of her wheelchair stroke cable car ride can Bushra Aydar Metropolitan Mayor Melih also thanked .
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey by the first \"public transport \"for purposes into service , but only of Ankara is Turkey's from all over the citizens draws the attention Şentepe-Cankaya Ski lifts in the disability also was considered.
in 1993 Karabük born and his Cerebral Palsy ( Cerebral palsy ) due to illness and mobility lost its disabled state falling Bushra month the cable car dream in Ankara realized .
Educational life disability status , although determination and desire with the continued Bushra month the much loved but wheel chair does not fit with the fear of a kind you can not correct the ski lift desire , Beşiktaş-Şentepe in the line of cabins for the disabled \"special\"is designed as that learning the correct decided .
Cities kilometers in \"trace paths\"by people with disabilities that facilitates the Metropolitan Municipality for the disabled , the hundreds ease one of the disabled lift with ease by cable car cabin reaching Bushra month the cabinet seats in the \"folding \"feature as soon as possible and easily the cable car ride able .
mother Emine month along with cable car Cankaya station journey began Bushra month the Şentepe station to the fullest Ankara followed.
Şentepe from the station on the way back to Ankara from the highest point following the journey continues Bushra month the happiness with her mother shared.
Cankaya Station, ride ended Bushra month the cable car when it goes emotions said:
\"Before I boarded the cable car in Samsun, but the cabin is very narrow and barely was able to ride . Therefore, I had preconceptions about the cable car ride . I'm handicapped and the cable car ride could not guess myself ,'I'll take the cable car with a wheelchair how ?'He said. However Cankaya learned that featured in the line of cabinets . When I came to the cable car station in the cab seats fold down feature from my wheelchair I was able to enter the cabins are very comfortable . Ankara view, without the stress of traffic , and most importantly an enjoyable cable car ride as a disability , which took place without encountering any obstacles did a cable car ride . I liked a lot this trip I will recommend to my friends all the physically handicapped . Disabled services carried out for the Metropolitan Mayor Melih to thank you very much . \"
General Directorate of EGO , physical competence in terms of different categories for citizens separate plant and equipment instead of making available to everyone , common conditions in the design to be made is careful .
EGO General Directorate officials , in this context of persons with disabilities in social life without barriers, with people equal opportunity participate in that will enable the cable car cabins \"folding \"feature of the seats in the cabins the establishment helped.

Physically Disabled Ski lifts Büşra'nın Joy" comments for.


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