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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 12:35

Pickled Gedelek will be the symbol of Orhangazi

Pickled Gedelek will be the symbol of Orhangazi
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The famous pickle pickle festival will be held in Bursa Orhangazi .

Bursa news: The famous pickle pickle festival will be held in Bursa Orhangazi .
Will be organized by the Municipality of Orhangazi \"Gedelek Pickle Festival \"will be held between September 27 to 28 . Events related to Shareton informational meeting was held in the hotel . Gedelek which produced approximately 50 thousand tons of pickles , festivals will be introduced to the world . In Gedelek cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes , cabbage , carrots, acer, Kele , beans, eggplant wrap , chili and stuffed cabbage , except as 20 main varieties of each vegetable is done a total of 50 different pickles . Festival , Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Orhangazi District, Municipality and Orhangazi Orhangazi under the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be held .
36 years olive festival said they Orhangazi Mayor Neşet waterfall, \"Orhangazi as the region's best olives we have , but our name another county lost we did. Orhazgazi value has exceeded a time when we entered . Orhangazi decision-makers as we came together . own protect our values ​​and our own brand we want to create . pickle festival also an example of this would be . this festival Orhangazi a brand will become . pickle we only flavor , not by the brand also will be recognized . Orhangazi's brand value will become , \"he said .
Pickles the brand value to increase the festival said they Orhangazi Chamber of Commerce President Ergun Efendioğlu , \"started 50 years ago turşuculuk today important points here. Orhangazi pickles an important source of income. approximately seven thousand people working in this industry is . annually 50 thousand tons are produced pickles . this corresponds to a figure of about 110 million . 55 varieties of vegetables and fruits are making pickles . Please type in the sense of an extremely rich . Our goal is to make the brand of pickles district . Until now, many have made the promotion of fair and congress pickle . Now everyone will know Gedelek pickles , \"he said .

Pickled Gedelek will be the symbol of Orhangazi" comments for.


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