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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:31

Piercing swamp Elderly Woman Finds Trace Tracking Dog

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Aksu district of Antalya yesterday, found lost elderly woman stuck in a quagmire state gendarme dog's tracking, Anke .

Antalya news: Photo by information obtained, the incident occurred in the town of Aksu Güloluk neighborhood. Mustafa Toker's mother leaving the house yesterday at 14.00 in order to ride well in the notice of the 64-year-old Umm Toker found a better return home . Then notice Antalya Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams and tracking, the dog moved Aksu District Gendarmerie Command teams with Anka . Gendarmerie launched a large-scale research in the points during the night can go Toker .
Team Approximately 17 hours later, and found the old woman Güloluk Ironically , even though in a stream bed between neighborhood stuck in quicksand. The body of the woman was found to have acted in half stuck in a quagmire . Gendarmerie Staff Sergeant Okan Ertekin and women who were dressed to the donor by the gendarmerie gendarmes park. Bat where women were removed from the ambulance on a stretcher by the gendarmerie . Said the old woman's state of health is good.

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