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  • 15 Kasım 2013, Cuma 23:24

Pink Age

Pink Age
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Pink color of the season, the world can look more optimistic. Pink wardrobe or make-up bag, add a dose of the time.

The first that comes to mind when you think of Pink

season, can not be cold and rainy winter days is not it? Fashion designers know better to surprise us. Because pink, 2013 autumn-winter season is captured. Whichever is the most feminine colors do not panic in the face of the dominance of a surprise. Wear pink does not mean you necessarily look like little girls.

Your coat fashion pink writing the new season six bases

tightly drawn. Luxury brands are included in the collections of the steps were quick to follow street fashion stores this Kabani. Jonathan Saunders, Céline, Miu Miu, Mulberry, and Carven, different color shades of pink coats exhibited on the podium. Topshop, Cotton and brands like İpekyol more accessible versions of these coats were presented. What color should it be going to invest in a new cabana again should we?

to include it in this color outerwear

different tips for those who are more ambitious. After all, it is not for everyone to wear pink jacket! The direction of the season, which represents the minimal dose of blue-cream color pink can add a twosome. What about using a pink scarf? Pink polka dot bow tie that connects like Miu fularından Miu'nun get inspired. Hit color of the season, another strong trend to combine. Imagine Grace Kelly's demure and feminine style. Many collections, met with the parts referring to the legendary player. Two-piece dress, pencil skirts to delineate the contours of the body, hourglass dresses, blouses and cardigans-pairs were some of them. For example, there are shades of powder in a piece pencil skirts instead of one pair white shirt. Remember, the fuchsia pink gained a place in a very large scale, it can also choose to pale pink. You need to do to decide the most appropriate tone.

Pink, gardıroplarınızın determined to infiltrate and then make up your saddlebags. Allıklara pink for the skin in cold weather front soluklaltığı more accurate color. Walking against the wind, a light pink, makeup products yanaklarınızda also be able to obtain. Smile and apply blush on your cheekbones pink. We guarantee a highly natural skin color kavuşacağınızı. Do you have the courage? So Diane von Furstenberg played our hearts candy pink lipstick make-up give a chance to the podium. When you put so much lipstick on a remarkable, considering an element of balance and hold eye makeup and light. Instead, the thick eyebrows beauty trend of the season for another roll up your sleeves. Remember that the ideal product for the perfect brows eyebrow rimellerinin.

Author: Seda Yilmaz living in Istanbul fashion editor, writer
and served as editor of fashion news, including Marie
Claire, including EM and various fashion and trend analysis on the portal WGSN
beauty publications contributed. Living in the city to visit
exceptional value with small shops, a guide book from Istanbul
authors. Writings often The Style Glossy Turkey 'are also included.

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