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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:21

Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association Decides Action

Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association Decides Action
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Marmaris Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association to begin on Sunday, November 2 on the grounds of human rights violations made ​​in education has decided to take action on every Sunday günüatatürk Square.

Muğla news: Underwater Photo Marmaris Pir Abdal Culture Association President in November Çağlı , in his press statement on the subject, and stated that one of the final demand equal citizenship rights . The basic condition of living together in the climate fraternity of our country resort and peace , we believe that now the equal citizenship says Çağlı , noting that equal citizenship level of accessibility of the condition of submission of the proposed solutions problems, \"Social tissue formed at the end of a long historical process and the teachings and beliefs of mental/spiritual formation of as a form of about our detected , it should be abandoned from descriptions made state by \"gave in a statement.
Constitution of Turkey inequality is an indisputable is arranged serving the dominant faith, taking into account the current belief in diversity real say in November Çağlı , \"The Constitution's Article 24 compulsory religious culture and ethics knowledge courses unacceptable for Alevis are seen as an intervention. Therefore, there should no longer be obligatory compulsory religion classes . Alevis see as interference with a fundamental right of compulsory religion classes . the human rights must be respected the decision given by the court. Alevis are a free, democratic , secular and scientific implementation of an education system is seen as a vital issue. The current education system is aimed at assimilation , \"he said . Photo Pir Sultan President of the Cultural Association Çağlı , they will act in Ataturk Square every Sunday at 13.00 , including made ​​on November 2 announced Sunday .

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