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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:51

Plan and Budget Committee Budget Talks Continue

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Family and Social Policy Minister Ayşenur Islam in order to marry the woman of Turkish men from Syria , \"to feed him these women , making them as illegal marriage to the wrong house .

Ankara news: The Republic of Turkey is against the law . Advantage of oppressed women in the position that mazlumluk should not make such an abuse , \"he said .
Parliamentary Planning and Budget for 2015 in the Commission Answering questions during they budget negotiations Family and Social Policy Minister Islam , CHP Denizli Deputy Adnan Keskin itself before press organs the'child brides'and'Syrian women married to Turkish men to'ask explanations regarding the above said the following:
\"I do not , I do not think any woman would consider living in the Republic of Turkey in this way. I repeat, the desire not to allow misunderstandings. As a child, his mother married the daughter of a crime that is often not aware of what they do for their child's marriage , they think it is something innocent. This açıklamaydı''This a meal . My attitude to looking at humanity to , prior to this and looking at the things I said in the post , this must think I can not tell you mentioned , I think. \"With regard to marry women from Syria to
Turkish men of Islam , just saying that leaving the responsibility of men's issues , these issues of law he stressed that the edit . Ministers Islam , \"People in the spiritual world should not be telling you this place, and I say this . Our traditional hospitality is not agreed to help needy people who have been waiting for the money to us . This is to saturate the women's belly, making them illegal to house as marriage is wrong. The Republic of Turkey is against the law . Oppressed women in such a position must not abuse mazlumluk advantage of this , \"he said .

Plan and Budget Committee Budget Talks Continue" comments for.


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